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 Click 'N' Play 

CLICK `N` PLAY has the visual appeal of Yo Gabba Gabba, and it is punchy enough to turn HDTV to shame.  Sending young audiences to the arguably unknown pre-Facebook and iPad era, this non-stop entertaining theatre production aims to reach the minds of the turn of the century techy babies. With computer clicks to dance grooves, screen swipes to swing dances, this dynamic duo takes kids on an eye-opening journey to help them realize the importance of balancing their  life in the digital world with life in the real world. 




CLICK ‘N’ PLAY with MissC and dubD is a story of a misfit clown who leaves Orbitron, a planet where meaningless stuff-making is the norm, and playfulness and self-expression is frowned up. dubD crashes into the life of a tech-obsessed introverted inventor who resorts to online tech to connect with the outside world. A fateful friendship forms as dubD coaxes MissC to go to the Ladi Dadi party where they both learn how to make friends in an unfamiliar world. 

Using a mesmerizing mix of never-before-seen digitally-generated sets, with Yo Gabba Gabba inspired hipness and bottom-shaking beats, this show will teach kids that playing and making friends online can be fun, but making friends in the real world is important and can be just as fun too.


Dianna's presence will liven any event. Invite her to create an uplifting, professional, and unforgettable experience at your next event.

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