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Make MOVES: Life of PLAYLife

Make MOVES: Life of PLAY Series

In this 6 - Week Course, students will learn DiANNA DAVID's Make MOVES Methodology that awakens radiance, authentic self-expression and alignment with one's purpose. Each session is a sequence of the 4-P's: PLAY - PRACTICE - PERFORM - PERSEVERE, leaving students with a creative journey to explore, embody and courageously present themselves in class. Students who are confident in performing their creative work and creations at a Make MOVES Monthly will be welcomed. 


Each session opens up reflections on areas that "block" clarity and the movement of expression in your physical, mental and creative being. By finding ways of using these blocks and conflicts in life, we become the HERO in our own story to face and rewrite them. 


Sessions Improves:

  • Deepened internal self-trust and knowing by learning how to get into your Flowstate, aka PLAY

  • Expansion of constricting thoughts or blocks

  • Create motivating mindfulness practices to support new shifts in outlook

  • Reconnecting the Head-Body disconnection and opening freedom of expression through the arts

  • Awaken natural curiosity for self-discovery and feeling confident to express and expose

  • Speaking from your authentic story


The more you know, the more you know where you want to go! Time to make moves in life that will invigorate a newly defined 'YOU', and magnetize the people, places and things you desire in life. 




      Course Focus   |  Creative Expression Art Form

Wk 1: Make MOVES   |  Movement & Meditation

Wk 2: P.hysicalize your Passions  | Object Manipulation

Wk 3: L.earn your Value Exchange (LOVE) | Improv & Storytelling

Wk 4: A.dventure to Expand | Clowning, Comedy, Failure

Wk 5: Y.outhfulness says YES | Movement & Visual Storytelling

Wk 6: Life Performance | Performance & Presentation




Prop-Play: Contact Juggling & Object Connection

Freedom in Dance Improv & Movement

Character Development & Clowning

Imagination Station - Heart Storming

Visual Arts - Painting/Drawing

Stage Presence and Life Performance


EACH CLASS IS INTERMODAL - aka Flowing through different mediums of Expressive Art Modalities (above) to examine a given concept.

Next 6-Week Course


$60 / Drop-In Session
All Art Supplies Provided
Must Notify 24-Hr in Advance:



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