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Follow your Red Ball and

discover where it will take you. 


Offered as:

45min Multi-Media Theatre Show

30-45min Festival Stage Show

1 Act Performance Pieces

3 x 30min Character Appearance/Walk Around

Live interactive entertainment for any event 

Offered as:

5 - 7min Stage Pieces

15 - 30min Mini-Shows

45min- 1 hr Full-Length Shows.

Choose your character!

As a gifted motivational entertainer, DiANNA seamlessly blends the comedic innocence of Mr. Bean, the optimistic spirit of Charlie Chaplin, with the magnetic dance appeal of Michael Jackson in all of her one-woman shows, acts and talks. She has toured both nationally and internationally to audiences of over 3000.

Let us help you make your event memorable! 

DiANNA is partnered with a team of high quality artists, photographers, videographers and choreographers. Don't hesitate to ask!

Made to energize your spirit and shift your perspective

Offered as:

5-15min Audience Energizer 

30min Speech

1-1.5hr Speech & Workshops

Experience a timeless experience with DiANNA's incredible gift of movement.

Offered Performances:

Hosting, Miming, Freestyle Dance, Contact Juggling -

to name a few! 



Photo by: Chelsea Brooke-Roisum

Book CBRPhotography for any Event

Featured Visual Storyteller

Chelsea Brooke Roisum is a one of a kind photographer following light, love and laughter everywhere she goes.


Working with her is about much more than the photographs, it's the experience of sharing love and positive energy, which lives on in the photographs. Her specialty is capturing moments that will last a lifetime.


"You are quite the Gal!!

Out of all the TED talks I have seen, yours is the one that affected me the most.  Very inspiring, I loved it!!  Thank you, Thank you!!"


- Mark Polatsek CPM®

Property Manager

Compton Dando, Inc.


Dear Ms. David, 

My name is Jesse Workman. I am 14 years old, turning 15 in February, and I live in a tiny town in Georgia called Ephesus. Just a few minutes ago, I watched your TEDx talk on Youtube. I want you to know that I absolutely fell in love with you and your ideology.

I want to be a musician. So in January of 2017, we founded our band, The Moskeetos. We are going into 9th grade now.

I wanted to email you because no one has ever affected me like you have. Life, to most people, had become a monotonous clock. I don't want to be like that. When I tell people that I am going to be a musician they scoff and say that I should get a degree and do something else, a job.


I hope you respond to this soon, but take your time. 

-Jesse Workman, Musician

Age 15, Euphesus, Georgia

Dianna's presence will liven any space. Invite her to create an uplifting, professional, and unforgettable experience at your next event.



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