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DiANNA DAVID offers private sessions to open up reflections on areas that "block" clarity and movement of expression in your physical, mental and creative being and start defining and following your RED BALL!

Sessions Improves:

  • Deepened internal self-trust and knowing

  • Expansion of constricting thoughts or blocks

  • Comfortability in moving through the uncomfortable emotions through artistic tools

  • Create motivating mindfulness practices to support new shifts in outlook

  • Reconnecting the Head-Body disconnection and opening freedom of expression through arts

  • Awaken natural curiosity for self-discovery


The more you know, the more you know where you want to go! Time to make moves in life that will invigorate a newly defined 'YOU', and magnetize the people, places and things you desire in life. 



  • Prop-Play: Contact Juggling & Object Connection

  • Freedom in Dance & Movement

  • Character Development & Clowning

  • Imagination Station - Heart Storming

  • Visual Arts - Painting/Drawing/Vision Boarding

  •  Stage Presence and Life Performance


$60 / Private Session (first session $10 off)*

$40 / Group Session (bring a friend $10 off)*

If you book and secure 4 or more sessions, all sessions are $10 off. 


22nd @ Victoria (Location Disclosed upon Booking)



All TUESDAYS until end of the year

Must Book 24hrs in Advance

Studio Hours: 11am - 9pm (Book 1hr Slots) 


All TUESDAYS until end of the year

Must Book 24hrs in Advance

TIME: 11am - 9pm (Book 1.5 Hr Slots)


SUBJECT LINE: *Name & Date of Session Desired*

E-Transfer payments to to hold slot. No refunds. 24 - hour Cancellation Policy. Request for invoice.  



• Want to stop talking about living their dreams, and actually start LIVING IT

• Want to experience more FREEDOM to move through life with ease and clarity

• Want to feel more ALIVE because you are living a life of passion

• Feel STUCK and want the tools to BREAKTHROUGH to that next level

• Want to create a meaningful, joy-filled life, despite circumstances

• Want to discover who they REALLY are, and develop the unstoppable CONFIDENCE to express it


What's going to get you moving?

Imagine starting Day 1: You’ve been feeling restless, stuck, lacking passion in your life, unclear and stifled.  You’ve reached a plateau and haven’t found a way through it.  


In the first session: You’re clear on who you are, and what’s been in the way of your greatness. You’re the artist of your life, and you’re powerfully finding the breakthroughs amidst the breakdowns. You walk through the world with a KNOWING of who you really are and what truly MOVES you!


A few session later: You understand that when you do the things you love, it only inspires other's to do the same.  You’re becoming a master at clearing what’s in the way, and what’s been holding you back. You stop using the past for your answers, and you start becoming the tool for the answers. Your body will declare what it needs and wants. Feeling good is actually your best gauge to getting where you want to go.

At least 4 - 6 Sessions: You've taken a bite out of the purple elephant in the room and you are loving the taste of it. You've found the joy in the simpliest things and the enourmous possibilities that arise when you see finally SEE YOURSELF. Everywhere you want to go is already right where you are, present, fully awake, accepting and loving of all of who you are. 



TIME TO P.L.A.Y = Practice.Learning.About.Yourself

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