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Do you have the Balls?

After DiANNA left a successful, yet passionless, career as a mechanical engineer, a chance encounter with a little red ball changed her life forever. It wasn’t until she quit her job and turned her passions into purpose that she started reinventing her own definitions of success. Thus was born her TedxTalk, "Have the Balls to Follow Your Dreams", with the The Red Ball Movement Show stemming from, asking the question: "What's your red ball?" 


DiANNA DAVID's work as a Transformational Entertainer, Inspirational Speaker, Creative Educator, Humanitarian, Freestyle Dancer and Human Being allows for audiences around the world to question their passions, actualize self-love, and practice discovery.


Whether delivering a speech, as seen above, or miming and energizing audiences, she inspires people of all ages to live a life of PLAY: Passion, Love, Art and Youthfulness. 


Everything you have ever wanted is right at your finger tips. You just need to have the balls to reach for it.


TedxStanleyPark Energizer Act

4 P's






Youth Leadership

College Life

Creative Corporate 

Community Building

Service Groups

Physical Education

Health & Wellness

Women's Empowerment

Arts & Culture


Intro to Make M.O.V.E.S.

Dianna David's 5-step approach to enhancing performance on and off-stage.

Drama and theatre techniques used to express and communicate

Movement and dance

Get out of the mind and into the body opens us up to a deeper connection to self and others

Interactive Play

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Jonathan Chan

CEO & Founder, Company of Disciples - Vancouver, Canada

"With Dianna’s fearless optimism, unbridled spirit and unorthodox creativity I could not help but to participate and be swept along by her energy.

Dianna presented her story through drama and visuals and the audience loved her and were able to walk into her story. She invited them into her life exposition but also allowed  them to journey with her, i.e. relate with her. In the end, we were not only encouraged but were inspired by her story."

Rachelle Weyerbacher

Montana District Key Club Governor - Bozeman, Montana

"Dianna was amazing! All the students loved her. The way she entertains while teaching inspired and engaged every single person."

Aileen de la Torre

Co-Founder, Spark Creations - Vancouver, Canada

"Dianna is one of the most dynamic, heart-felt speakers I have ever experienced. Her story inspires and her tools are so practical that they're easy to bring into your life right way."

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Dianna's presence will liven any space. Invite her to create an uplifting, professional, and unforgettable experience at your next event.



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