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Mon, Oct 08




Transform all areas of your life: Professional, Personal, Financial and Spiritual through DiANNA DAVID's Make MOVES Method implementing the foundational tools & techniques that have elevated her own performance in life.

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Oct 08, 2018, 7:00 PM – Nov 26, 2018, 9:00 PM


About the event

Let me tell you the story of how this will go down...If you follow me until the end, then maybe I can help you as True Friend who cares...if not, we can still be friends...but if it's not your thang and is time to go on our merry ways, I encourage you to go towards what makes your bell go "ring a ding ding" cuz I truly believe in Divine Timing.

As Creatures of Habit, we won't stop the train unless there is equal and opposite force in the direction that creates awakening transformation. Let's not wait for the grim stories to be the answers to this...please! So....let's realize...

Today is a summation of all the moves we've made to get to where we are at this exact point. Now ask do you FEEL about yourself? Satisfied?

How we move in every moment is a habitual patterning of the things we believed about ourselves to get here...Now what do you truly believe about yourself? What does it mean to even believe in yourself? HmMmMmMm....shit!

What we get for tomorrow are the stories we've moved through from yesterday and believe about the new "Self" that can live for tomorrow. But what do you believe YOU can BE for tomorrow? Oh, boy....what if you can be anything....but we don't know how to even be ourselves because we were told to be everyone else? Ahhhh!!!! I'm F#&K again...

Don't worry...STAY WITH ME....Breathe...

Yes, the key awareness is to start Making MOVES that Matter! But how....

It starts by asking "What Matters to You?"

Do you even know what Makes you Happy? (Don't worry, a lot of people don't either...that's why they keep buying things to support the addiction of "Hopeless Happiness" believing one day it will work...but shopping is a way better distraction than looking at our Self. Better pictures on Instagram I guess?)

Now, imagine being part of a group of individuals who are re-defining their meaning of success, happiness and vitality from the INSIDE-OUT. By sharing their moving stories by the week's end, during our "Freedom Fridays" calls? But even better yet, we will never get NEW ANSWERS, unless we ASK, right? So what about "Wonder Wednesdays" to open up areas of your life you left dormant and unrevealed? But of course, we don't know where to pivot from unless we are moving from an internal Motivational Mindset, so "Make MOVES Mondays" sets your attention towards a key concept to implement in every move throughout the week!

As a lifelong performing artist both on and off stage, I have sculpted myself with all these tools, techniques and inquiries to be a solid MAKE MOVER & LIFE PLAYER...Speaking Authentically and Fearlessly of my life stories on every minuscule to massive platform, from TedxTalk to my Inner Child and even core platforms with my Mom & Dad...and I want you to have this eternal confidence to be ALL of YOU too! WE ARE OUR STORIES and HOW WE MOVED THROUGH THEM....That is why I am a Movement Storyteller and my own hero to my life journey, still ALIVE to tell it and giving it to other's as my legacy. It's time for you to too!

Finally, as a certified Expressive Arts Therapist I will be leading you through new modalities of expression and arts, giving you 100% permission to explore all the areas of your life that has been buried, unanswered, covered up, hidden, mistreated and misunderstood through this therapeutic process...and guess what, I don't care what it looks like...because ART is subjective and only you can tell the story of WHY and WHAT that means to you! Even better, you don't even have to find the words for it because there are infinite avenues to express these Emotions (aka energy in motion) until it gets released. But that's your work...not mine! I got my own shit to deal with.... =)

So...if these tools and methods appeal to you....SIGN UP NOW...

If you need to feel my vibe...SIGN UP FOR Oct 1 Webinar** NOW...

If there's still a thick wall to get through...SIGN UP for a FREE Clarity Session (Free until Sept 30)... NOW.


WHEN YOU'RE READY TO JUMP....Here's all the PLAY (Practice Learning About Yourself) ACTIVITIES About to G'Wan....

[All Times in PST - 2hr Monday Online Sessions Mandatory...Other days are tune in for your own good]

MAKE MOVE MONDAYS - Motivational Topics of the Week - 7pm - 8pm (Lesson) / 8pm - 9pm (Open Call)

TUNE IN TUESDAY - Touch Your TITS - "Tune In To Self" - Journal and Self-Check in (Do Exercises for 11mins)

WONDER WEDNESDAYS - Encouraged to Make a List of Unanswered Burning Questions to Universe (11mins of Journaling)

THRILL THURSDAYS - Encouraged to Take 1 Step in the Direction of your Dreams (Do 1 Thing that Scares You)

FREEDOM FRIDAYS - 6pm - 7pm - Share your Wins for the WEEK! (INSTAGRAM LIVE with DiANNA DAVID)

[Private Coaching is Available for $150/hr with DiANNA]

If you desire to deepen realizations from your journey you can set up 1hr sessions with DiANNA to create clarity around your situation and get coaching to get to the other side. Online or in-person meetings are available.

[Final Graduation Celebration]

Each Make MOVES: Life Performance Graduate receives FREE ticket to the True Player4Life Event on Nov 30. This is where you are welcomed to express a 5 minute (or less) presentation of the experience of your transformation in just 2-months. Yes, it's time to be SEEN, So...First SEE YOURSELF THERE. What do you want to be saying about yourself and to your family and friends of the shifts you made to get clearer about who you are, what you desire, and what you are able to give back to this world. Be BOLD, Be BEAUTIFUL and BE PROUD to be YOU! Start seeing the family and friends who you want to be around you as you live your authentic life now! INVITE them now as your support system for the rest of your life! Tickets are on sale now.


  • Full Price-Discount Available

    **$2,200 OFFER when Purchased at Webinar Oct 1 or during Clarity Sessions** RECEIVE: - 24 Hours of Make MOVES Method Full Course Videos & Online Coaching - LIFETIME ACCESS to Join any Make MOVES: Life Performance 2-Month Training for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! - Map of YOU Worksheets - Professional Headshot Photoshoot by @CBR Photography & Feature on @MyRedBallis Instagram Site about your Breakthrough Story - Be Invited into Private Facebook Community of Authentic True Player4Life Make MOVERS

    Sale ended
  • Payment Plan Price (4x)

    Full Price plus 25% Administration Fee 4 Simple Payments 1 time per month from the Start Date of your Sessions

    Sale ended



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