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 Light of Mu 

Illuminating Art & Science

Light of Mu is a fascinating, highly entertaining, all-ages show that was a recent highlight for Vancouver's Telus World of Science's featured exhibit “Light: Illuminating Art and Science.”


The show illustrates the captivating story of Mu who lives in the Shadows of Doubt and encounters a new friend, Reo, a little white orb who helps her discover light for the first time. Mu embarks on a whimsical journey between the worlds of the seen and unseen where colours and wonders, dance and play.


Dianna David will be the featured performer of “Light of Mu”, making the show a sure-fire hit that will uplift, enlighten, entertain, and delight audiences of kids and adults of any age. Dianna is a world renown movement storyteller that will magically blend art and science with her unique kinetic artistry to tell the enlightening story of Mu through urban dance, prop manipulation, shadows, and light play.


This brand new production fuses art, science, live theatre, digital environments, movement artistry, colour theory, experiential/interactive stimulus, performance art, movement storytelling, and digital storytelling. 

Dianna's presence will liven any event. Invite her to create an uplifting, professional, and unforgettable experience at your next event.

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