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"Through our first expressive arts session, Dianna supported me to discover that PLAY is a gentle and fun way to elicit and dissolve core limiting thoughts, and the behavior and choices that result from them. She is a patient and explorative "playmate", expanding her own boundaries to be an example for others."


-Lisa Naude,

Head Accountant

Film & Television Industry











"Dianna offers the key to unlocking the Artist within everyone. The opportunity for that individual is discovered within their own play or observed when Dianna performs. "


- Belle Taneda

Make MOVES Alumni

Faculty of Freshness, School of MOVES













"Every awakening has many layers to how we experience it. Sometimes we are meant to walk those roads on our own for a time. But when the moment arrives for loving directed support, we can trust in the aid of someone who has our best intentions in mind as well as the ability to help us navigate such unknown places. Dianna is one of those people. In my experience with her, she was able to help me organize my thoughts and feelings, as well as express them with words and creative outlets. Healing through creative self-expression is one of the most powerful and profound tools available to us. We need only to open our minds and hearts to allow those expressions to come through. Thank you Dianna for bringing the tools, creating the space, and fascilitating the the journey. The love you give is priceless"


-Mandy Galang

Singer, Song Writer, Performer

Teddy Romance

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