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Meet the Faculty of Freshness

DiANNA DAVID, Founder & Head Faculty of Freshness


has been a professional movement artist for the past 14 years and now teaches, trains and facilitates programs to develop artists in their professional artistic careers. They're acceptance into the Faculty of Freshness builds their unique expression into delivering meaningful services such as presentations, workshops and performances. 

Kyle "TooTall" Strauts, Actor & Character Coach


Kyle 'TooTall' Strauts is a passionate, innovative adventurer. What he is most noted for is his ability to dance with character, and connect with music. He is proud of his ability to convey musical understanding through dance to people of all ages, as well as the ability to keep it fun
and enticing. Kyle has a natural gift for teaching people through physical understanding, and breaking things down.


This ability allows him to teach in a very adaptive format for all ages, sizes, and learning styles. He loves to teach because he feels that passing on knowledge is a prized possession he would like more people to engage in. Kyle's style of living focuses on engaging people to move their body and mind. TooTall believes in showing people through inspiration and happiness that connecting with movement through intention, you can live a healthier balanced life.

Belle Taneda & Sophia the Blissful Bunny, Non-Verbal Communication


Ever wonder what it would be like to be a super hero? What if the only thing holding you back is the fear of your own powers. Ever since Belle Taneda was a little girl, she has always fascinated by super heroes. Belle has a background of over 20 years in Martial Arts. Teaching it professionally for just under 10 years, she has been to 5 World Chito-Ryu Karate Championships, being awarded the female Jr. Cup and 2 female Adult Cups back to back.


As Belle continued her journey, she started to gravitate towards being more gentle on her body by infusing her Martial Arts with the balance and focus of Yoga. Her passion for teaching is as playful as her inner-
child's wisdom of love. Children inspire her to keep learning and teaching from the heart and to honour her gifts to share with the world. Belle's inspiration to find the super hero within yourself uplifts others to start activating their inner power.

Miss Erica Dee, Voice Empowerment


An inclusive experience with professional trained and touring singing artist Miss Erica Dee. After touring her album across North America, she wanted to return back to the real reason she started singing in the first place, self-definition through the power of unleashing one's exploration of identity through voice and music. This inspired her to move
back to Vancouver to bring her experience to the people who need it most, our children, sculpting and self producing her own summer camps in her home town Nelson for the past 2 years and offers private singing classes to people of all ages.


Through School of MOVES she is providing uniquely designed interactive workshops that can be offered to youth 3-5yrs; 6-9yrs; and 10-12yrs.

Char Loro, Creating Spaces & Community Places

Char Loro is an event producer & curator, multimedia storyteller, space visionary, and a global community builder, rooted out of Vancouver, B.C.


During her six years of living in Toronto and Montreal in her earlier 20’s, Char attended Ryerson University where she graduated with a BA of Fine Arts at the RTA School of Media - previously known as Radio & Television Arts. Being the premier learning ground and jumping pad for the broadcasting industry in Canada, Char cultivated and developed her ability to tell stories about art, music, culture and people, through the mediums of video, live event production, audio, and television.


Her focus on producing, hosting, interviewing, & on-camera work, along with her love for people and bringing them together through events, all translated into her pursuing event production.

Book the Faculty of Freshness to come to your school or next community event to be entertained, educated and enlivened with their multi-disciplinary talents!

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