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Have you ever wondered what the ideal way of moving through this lifetime would be after so many past failures and maybe past-life lessons you cannot forget about? Do you think there is a Holy Grail to maneuvering through this vast ocean of possibilities and don´t want to regret not applying what you could have seen or unconsciously ignored in order to live out today to the fullest?


MVMT Medicina is a moment for moment dose of seeing through the eye of

The Great Artistic Creator through You,

observing all the life potentials your Soul can live out consciously and joyfully alchemizing them truly with utmost super natural and trustworthy assistance from your ultimate Co-Creator, The Great Spirit. 

This multi-dimensional, transformational space starts in the individuals´ desire to leave the finite limitations of their physical body, mind, and their external projection of reality and start to take the

Journey Back to Source, the Root of Existence.

MVMT Medicine is a integrative way to self-healing creatively

for the Limitless Soul that will forever help regenerate us back to our authentic

sense of self, naturally at ease from dis-eases, blocks and heavy baggage.

How we will do it is to simply "Be the MVMT" - to Move, Visualize, Make Music and

transform ourselves in the Theatre of our Life, understanding change through

the Art behind the Science and the Science behind Art

forever in the flow, forever learning, forever inventing

like Art Creating Art.

I AM the inventor of this 4-State Methodology. I downloaded it on my 3rd Vision Quest on top of a mountain in Mexico, amongst 20 years of many powerful word-plays and ego-deaths that have

become the Drops of Divine Wisdom to my own transformations.

I AM a Soul who has spiritually freed and re-created myself time and time again and now I practice daily to be a Free-Soul helping Free Souls, forever. 

Hello, my name is DiANNA DAVID, I am an Old Soul and a Life Artist in this human vehicle. If you click back to my main site, you will see the history of faces I have lived in this life time from Engineer to Clown, Street Performer to TedxSpeaker, to Humanitarian to Global (Filipina) who Rule 2023.

I have realized that the Masks I have lived through in past lives to give me the knowing of how to see through the masks I am creating in this life.  

So today, it is my divine destiny to support others to "Drop their Fixed Masks" and learn how to

creatively design new ones that support the

Soul that is Contributing new view-points in this Stage in their Game of Life.

Meet My Happy Self-Healers