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MVMT Medicina offers a transformative journey to reconnect with the essence of existence and unlock the boundless potential within. Through a blend of creative self-healing practices, individuals are guided to transcend the limitations of body and mind, and explore their true selves in harmony with the Great Artistic Creator within themselves.


By embracing movement, visual and vocal arts, music, and theater, this approach from their wholeness allows participants to embark on a holistic path towards regaining authenticity, inner peace, and freedom from ailments and burdens.


Join us in the Theater of Life, where every moment is an opportunity for personal growth, learning, and artistic expression.

The MVMT Medicina Therapy Method

Expressive Arts Therapy that Helps you Feel the Beauty in the Mystery
Music Instrument



Music has the ability to directly influence our emotions. It can assist us in through dissonance, chaos, difficult emotions that our minds may struggle to comprehend. Music serves as a gateway to the heart and activates the feminine aspect of the brain.

Painting with the whole body

Visual / Vocal Art


Visuals have a powerful impact on our perception and understanding of information. Our cognitive processes are naturally inclined towards visual thinking, which enables us to visualize outcomes and blur the line between imagination and reality. Additionally articulating our thoughts into words enhances our communication skills, emotional, and ability to manifest our intentions.

Female Dancer



Physical movement has the ability to shift stagnant energy and bring it into expression that can be both seen and felt. By developing an awareness of our body language and consistently practicing new ways of moving, we can challenge our limitations and achieve a state of heart-mind-body coherence. This can be particularly beneficial in managing discomfort, disease, or trauma triggers.

Dramatic Actor



Expressing internal struggles in an external environment can be a cathartic experience that promotes mind-body-soul coherence. It allows for rapid healing when set in psychologically safe spaces, and can incorporate various forms of artistic expression such as music, visual art, poetry, acting, and movement.


This approach lets individuals express themselves and resolve internal conflicts by choosing their outcomes.

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