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 Performance Workshops

& Pop-Up PlayShops

Dianna David is a kid whisperer, the Pied Piper for young to old, your best friend by the time you go home. Her zest for life is contagious and desiring to play like her is infectious.

Dianna believes P.L.A.Y. is going to heal the world. It brings us Purpose, Love, Art and endless Youthfulness when we play! She teaches high level skills in a way that moves the spirit to laughter and invokes play that you don't even realize you're learning. Dianna pulls in the power of you imagination to change your environment, your emotions and your body language until what you want to say is honest and true to you.

With a decade of personal development training and the finesse to hold and engage any size audience, Dianna is a fantastic educator that empowers her students to know that they are capable of expressing the highest expression of themselves, pushing their limits physically, mentally and creatively.

Dianna typically takes her students through the 3 stages of
Play - Practice - Perform. The importance of seeing a creation from thought to performance is the greatest transformational of all and Dianna encourages this breakthrough both in and out of the studio, which has made her the success she is today. She has also further developed her 5-Step Make M.O.V.E.S. approach to Character Building and Stage Presence breaking down the journey towards a personal expression of you, through dance, acting, fitness and play.

Through her workshops and coaching she teaches, she believes everyone has the right to express their light within and encourages which ever avenue it takes to send it out into this world.





  • Creative expression

  • Artist in Residency

  • Drama, acting, character deveropment

  • Creative leadership

  • Artistic direction 

  • Dance, movement and propmanipulation

  • ​Teaming building

  • Speaking and communication

  • Presentation skills

  • Play at Work

  • Creative leadership

  • Movement and dance

  • Creative expression

  • Stage presence and performance

  • Fears around dancing

  • Artistic career coaching

  • Dance competition prep

Dianna's presence will liven any event. Invite her to create an uplifting, professional, and unforgettable experience at your next event.

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