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A World Motivational Movement

Embracing our origins fuels purpose in crafting our identity sharing and spawns potent cultural contributions, honoring our Ancestors' wisdom for contemporary times.


The ROOTS MVMT is a global movement for influencers, artists, creators, seekers, immigrants and cultural custodians to discover and maintain the stories, dances, ceremonies and artisanship of their indigenous origins to build "Barangays", a community of families, around themselves, fostering unity, collaborations, love and appreciation. 

Join us on the launch of a lifetime journey home! Donate to our GoFundMe that supports our 30-day cultural immersion tour in the Philippines from July 20 to August 20, 2024, hosted by Dianna David and her father, Mr. Bert "Barangay" David. 


Together, we'll travel, educate, tour, and celebrate with 60 Canadian dancers and parents of The Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society, exploring indigenous communities, delivering talks, workshops, and performances.


Most importantly, help us honor Mr. Barangay's 40 years of cultural custodianship as we share the legacy he founded in Canada.

The Roots MVMT

The Roots MVMT

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