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MVMT Medicina Therapy

MVMT Medicina is Dianna David's version of her training in Expressive Arts Therapy using modalities such as

  • dance

  • movement

  • acting

  • improv

  • painting

to process mixed emotions, passed memories and access into untapped areas of the mind and body with the safe space holding of a therapist.



Expressive Arts Therapy offers a transformative journey where clients explore their inner world through creative expression, fostering self-awareness and profound insights. Dianna David's MVMT Medicina (Music, Visual/Verbal, Movement, Theater) method serves as the foundation, guiding clients to connect deeply with themselves through their preferred artistic modalities, initiating a process of self-discovery and healing.


MVMT Medicina is best for small (3-6) to large groups (20-30) which guides clients through exercises that allow individualized experiencing with an opportunity for sharing as the therapy.



Roots MVMT uses specific topics which thematic explorations regarding cultural, societal and one's community world view can be in a process of creative collaboration and open-space dialogues.

Ceremonial Prayformances have been created using this method and presented for immersive communal experiences. 



Unlike traditional coaching, which emphasizes external goals, our approach prioritizes internal transformation. We guide clients towards authentic expression and spiritual growth, focusing on being rather than doing to achieve fulfillment.

Dianna David seamlessly integrates therapy into coaching when clients resonate with this experiential approach. Private coaching offers tailored methods for optimal personal development.


  • poetry

  • photography

  • sculptures

  • collaging

  • cooking

MVMT Medicina Make MOVES - Retreats and Residencies with Dianna David 2024

MVMT Medicina Make MOVES - Retreats and Residencies with Dianna David 2024

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