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#MomentsofMOVEMENT Project with @theValino

Showcase of Artistic Talents

Character & Props Demo

Dianna David's multitude of performance experience makes her style unique and memorable. She is able to bring forth the highest quality of performance for any event.

Eat the Street Performance
A freestyle (impromptu) performance in Kaka'ako, HI showcasing the use of different props and audience engagement.

TedxTalk by Dianna David

Dianna finally removes her masks and reveals all, sharing her life story to how she became the artist today. Over half a million people have been inspired by her story today. 

Collaborating Artist, SUBSCURA


Subscura is a group of high level, depth provoking, performance movement group that has made a huge name for their themes, quality of work and execution over the years. DiANNA co-collaborated with the core wormen of Subscura for Bass Coast and Shambhala 2016 Season to create the piece "Voiltion" 

Visa Commercial Feature

Dianna was the only female from Canada to be selected for this commercial because of her fancy credit card catch & her fancy dancing. It was shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Motion Capture Artist

Dianna has been hired several times by EA Sport to create character movements for videos games. Here's one video game she designed movements for. She was involved in the facial and body movement creation of almost all the characters in this video game Facebreaker. 

World Class Performer

Experience Dianna at her finest as she performs with Hawaii's very own American Idol 2016 Contestant Ashley Lilinoe at the Art Market in Honolulu, HI. This was their first performance ever. Absolutely flawless!

Acting & Special Skills Reel

Experience an acting audition reel for a principal role. It showcases her acting, movement range and skills. Filmed and coached by Donna-Lynne Larson, represented by John Davies with KC Talent. 

Flash Mob Video Project

Dianna was asked to create a flash mob for a young fan for her Bat Mitzfa. The video was sent to her 300 guests and by the end of the flash mob, the dance floor was packed with dancers of all ages!

Character Choreography

Dianna has been creating world wide recognized pieces for her protege, Travis Lim for the past 5 yrs from Michael Jackson Tributes to newly created character pieces. Follow this world wide Star now!


Around the World with MaeZing

MaeZing Calinisan is one of Vancouver's Top Waacking Queens, winning and judging several battles, competitions and running her school WaackAcademy. This PlaySession started hanging out near the airport with the idea of World Wide flight and travel. This is one shot edited into this video. 

TAWA with Jodee Aguillon

Jodee is the artistic director of a national contemporary Filipino group called HATAW and started his dance with Dianna when he was a young boy in Dianna's father's Filipino dance group.The creation of the video started when Dianna had a quick visit to Toronto. Jodee wanted to do something to this song: TAWA ('to laugh'). The challenge was to create, perform and edit everything in 3hrs and 33 mins. The challenge was met and completed in perfect time.  

Free Your Style

Here is a freestyle video of Dianna making up moves on the spot to a song she's never heard before. As she listens to the music she is able to hear how her moves are meant to be expressed through her. Her style has evolved to including Filipino, Waacking, Voguing, Urban Street Style and Experimental. 


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