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On a Mission to Make you Grow

Dianna David is one woman with many faces, willing to challenge all aspects of her spiritually, creativity, relationships and profession. From Filipino and hip hop dancing to mechanical engineering to clowning, to producing a world touring mission to inspire all-people to “Move from their Soul’s Essence” with their Crystal Ball. Dianna has been Ranked Top 6 Best Female Motivational Speakers to Watch in 2023 with her TedxTalk, effectively transforming lives globally with her Authentic ExprEssence Coaching, Residencies, and her own MVMT Medicina Somatic Therapy using (M)ovement, (V)isualization, (M)usic and (T)heatre.


Dianna David Ranked Top 9 Best Female Motivational Speakers in 2023 

Find Your Next Step

A fateful life change from mechanical engineering to clown school created a fascination to mastering the art of transformation by what motivates and moves people to enjoy change as a part of life. Dianna David will share what it took to design a life worth living, especially how she overcame changing her identities, societal religious entrainment and changing careers from an engineer to a clown to being nominated Global Woman Who Rule 2023. 

She is currently offering Authentic ExprEssence Coaching and Mvmt Medicina to her handful of divinely selected private clients. Set up a Free 20-Minute Tea-Talk online for a chance to work with Dianna David upon space availability.