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Dianna David's multitude of performance experience makes her style unique and memorable. She is able to bring forth the highest quality of performance for any event.

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Award-winning, multi-disciplinary artist who fuses urban hip hop dance with physical comedy, characterization, prop manipulation, and contact juggling to deliver thought-provoking messages that impact self-discovery and social change.


As a gifted motivational entertainer, Dianna seamlessly blends the comedic innocence of Mr. Bean, the optimistic spirit of Charlie Chaplin, with the magnetic dance appeal of Michael Jackson in all of her one-woman shows. She has toured both nationally and internationally to audiences of over 3000.

With playful simplicity, she emotes a sense of curiosity that inspires audiences of all ages and backgrounds to experience life in a new way and to realize that all you have ever wanted is right at your fingertips.

Hosting/Emcee Work, Miming, Freestyle Dance, Ceremonial Experiences, Roving Characters 

Contact Juggling/Prop Manipulation, Workshop Facilitator, Motion Capture, Commercial Work 


Intro to Make M.O.V.E.S.

Dianna David's 5-step approach to enhancing performance on and off-stage.

Drama and theatre techniques used to express and communicate

Movement and dance

Get out of the mind and into the body opens us up to a deeper connection to self and others

Interactive Play

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